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How the Birmingham Foot Clinic™ can help you?

Your feet can tell you a lot about your general health, changes can occur to your skin, nails and foot shape and it is important to identify the cause of these changes and treat appropriately. We treat a whole range of foot problems, you may want to visit our clinic simply for advice or you may be in a lot of pain and need more urgent treatment.  We are able to offer all aspects of foot health care from conservative through to advanced surgical procedures.

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Please contact us to make an appointment. We have foot clinics at the following locations:


Birmingham Foot Clinic™
The BMI Edgbaston Hospital,
22 Somerset Road,
B15 2QQ

01684 893 820
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Malvern Foot Clinic™
New Court Surgery,
Prospect View,
300 Pickersleigh Rd,
WR14 2GP

01684 893 820
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Worcester Foot Clinic™
Spire South Bank Hospital,
139 Bath Rd,

01684 893 820
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